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Jerrald Green, WSI et al. Case Overview

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2009CV10504 Case & Claim Documents


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On November 10, 2009, the Colorado Division of Securities filed an action for violation of securities laws against Jerrald Green and his related entities, Wealth Systems International, Ltd., Delgreene Credit Services, LLC, Delgreene Financial Services, LLC, American Premium Financial, LLC, Delgreene Capital Management, LLC, Wealth Administration Services, LLC. Mr. Green also ran Delgreene Development. The Complaint is based upon, (Claim One) the offer or sale of unregistered securities by all Defendants by use of "notes" or "investment contracts"; (Claim Two) acting as unlicensed broker-dealer and sales representative as to all Defendants; (Claim Three) securities fraud in connection with the offer or sale of securities based upon the making of untrue statements of material fact or omitting to state material facts, employment of a device, scheme, or artifice to defraud, or engaging in a course of business that would operate as a fraud or deceit; (Claim Four) securities fraud as to Jerrald Green only and providing investment advisory services in violation of securities laws; (Claim Five) for the imposition of a constructive trust or equitable lien as to the assets of the funds and business assets, along with disgorgement; and (Claim Six) requests the appointment of a receiver.

Mr. Snyder was appointed as Receiver as part of the securities litigation.